5 Daily Habits That Have Changed My Life

Have you ever seen other people and thought “I wish I could be like them?” 

It’s easy to see other people where we want to be and think “I could never achieve that.” 

But what we don’t see is what it took to get them there. 

The work. The sacrifice. The time. The commitment. 

I can guarantee these people didn’t get there overnight. It took them months and years of daily habits to get them to where they are. 

Daily habits are the secret to success. No matter what your goal, daily habits are the way to get there. 

Recently I’ve been on a journey to joy and health. I’ve tried many things along the way, but the daily habits I’m sharing today are habits that can help get you to any goal. 

Whether you are trying to find health, happiness, or even career goals, taking care of yourself is key. These 5 daily habits will transform your work, relationships, but especially your life.

  1. Eat whole foods.

Our body needs food to thrive. Food fuels not only our body, but our brain. No matter your goal, brain health is key to staying focused, clear, and feeling good. 

Our body is telling us something when it starts to get bloated, sluggish, etc. Some people equate this to a normal body response… but it’s not!

Our body is not meant to be bloated or fatigued. When we see these signs it means something is going on in the inside that shouldn’t be happening. These body reactions are often caused by what we put in our body. 

Focus on adding in fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, and nuts and seeds. These foods fuel our gut and in turn fuels our brain to function well. 

When I started incorporating more whole foods into my meals, I started to notice a huge shift in how I felt. I no longer felt bloated, sluggish, and brain fog all the time. I felt good in my body!

  1. Drink plenty of water. 

You hear it all the time… Drink more water! But have you ever stopped to notice how you feel after you drink some water? You should feel more refreshed and energized if your body needed it. 

Drinking about 80 ounces of water per day is a solid goal to keep your body hydrated and your brain running properly. 

I carry my water bottle around with me everywhere I go so I am constantly reminded to continue to hydrate. 

  1. Move your body.

Our body is made to move. It needs movement. So when we sit at a desk all day, our body starts to protest. 

You might get tired and have trouble focusing on what you are trying to do. Take these symptoms as a sign from your body that something needs to happen. 

Even if it’s just getting up for 30-60 seconds, you will probably notice a difference in how your body feels. 

I make an intention to stand up and walk around for a minute after every client before I dive into paperwork and more work. 

Find what works best for you and incorporate some movement into your day. 

  1. Weight lifting. 

As we age, our bone and muscle density decrease. You have probably heard before “drink milk for healthy bones,” but the best think you can do for your bones and muscles is weight lifting. 

Weight lifting keeps us strong and keeps our bodies running properly. Most people have a goal of staying “young” longer.. this is the way to do it. 

When I started going to the gym, I had NO clue what I was doing. I would try a few different exercises and call it good. I thought if I worked different muscle groups a couple times each then I was good. 

But what I soon discovered is I continued feeling lost. I loved the feeling of moving my body, but felt like I wasn’t making any progress. 

Then I discovered at-home workouts. They were led by a certified trainer and each day had a focus on different muscle groups. 

This is when I really started seeing progress and feeling good in my body. I had to find what worked for me. 

Maybe going to the gym is what works for you, or maybe following a written workout works for you. Maybe you can rock your own workouts!

Do what works for you to take care of your body to keep it strong and healthy. 

  1. 8 hours of sleep per night. 

Ultimately, none of these habits matter if we aren’t sleeping.

Sleep is where our body heals and restores itself. Eating fuels our body, but our body also needs a break from digestion. Weight lifting and movement break our body down and sleep is where the healing and strengthening actually happens. 

Our body can’t run well without rest, because rest is where the magic happens. 

Your sweet spot of sleep is different for everyone. I know I don’t do well on less than 8 hours of sleep. Some people do well on 7 hours and some people need 9-10. 

The amount differs for everyone but in order for optimal body healing we need more than 7 hours of sleep. 

These 5 habits have been transformative for how I feel in my body, and I truly believe that these are habits can transform any person’s life. 

If you are looking to feel better in your body, to improve your mental health, or to improve your overall health, see how these habits can transform your life. 

If you need support in your health goals, whether mental or physical, let’s chat to see how I can support you in reaching your goals. You can schedule a free session here 💜

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