3 New Easy Habits That Will Increase Your Self-Love

If your struggle with self-love, you are not alone. So many people are in this with you.

But so many people also don’t know where to start with finding self-love. 

Being in this place of not knowing where to start can feel hopeless.. Like it will never happen for you. 

You feel like no one could know, let alone understand, how you feel.

Everyone has different suggestions and ideas.. but I want to give you a few quick ones today.


  1. Journal 

Journaling has so many amazing benefits. The most important benefit is that with journaling you release thoughts and feelings.. rather that trying to hold them in. This release can provide relief and help free the body. 

So many other benefits come from journaling too. The release that you feel can even lead to an improved immune system and healthier life. 

The effects of holding everything in can have serious impacts on our health. That’s why, even though expressing ourselves can be SO difficult at times, it is so important!


  1. Gratitude 

The more we are grateful for the things in our lives, the more joy we find. Gratitude is actually scientifically proven to increase joy. This is because what we train our brain to look for is what it sees. 

So if we focus on the positive, our brain sees the positive and thinks positive thoughts. If we focus on the negative, our brain sees the negative and thinks negative thoughts. 

If you are thinking “I could use more positivity in my life,” I get you, girl! Start slow and it will get easier. 

Gratitude doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. It can be as simple as writing 5 things you are grateful for down every day. 

My favorite gratitude journal is Rachel Hollis’s Start Today Journal. Every day you write down 5 things you are grateful for and 10 dreams you have. 

You can find the journal at Target or here.


  1. Acknowledging Your Feelings

Suppressing feelings may feel good in the moment, but over time you will lose your sense of self. 

Feelings complete us and are an essential part of who we are. Even “not so fun feelings” help us find purpose and meaning, no matter how difficult. 

Even if you aren’t sharing your feelings with others, acknowledge them to yourself!

When we acknowledge our feelings, we don’t numb our feelings. When we numb our feelings, we numb our lives.

Don’t be afraid of your feelings and LIVE YOUR LIFE!

These three habits are not difficult and do not take more than half an hour a day, but they do have the power to change your life and transform your relationship with yourself. 

If you have tried these before, I would love to hear how they have impacted your life!

And if you are still struggling with starting your self-love journey, I’m here to help. Schedule a coaching consultation call to make a plan with me and get you started on a self-love journey that works for you.

And don’t forget to do what’s best for you, because YOU know YOU best!


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